Millions of Holiday Lights

2018 Event Location and Dates to be Determined


You will find lights of all kinds at Festival of Lights – Christmas lights, illuminated lanterns, fireworks, pyrotechnics and more.

Holiday Lights

If you want to see a holiday light display, you won’t leave disappointed. Retama Park will be filled with millions of lights of all kinds and sizes. The trees, fences, and buildings, all covered in lights for an unmatched holiday experience.

International Illuminated Lanterns

Visitors to Festival of Lights will of course be amazed by our display of 36 Giant Chinese Lantern Themes. But we’re also showcasing another side of Asian lanterns with a display of hundreds of lanterns of the world. These are authentic lanterns from various countries:

Philippines: In the Filipino language, a Christmas lantern is called a parol. There’s no greater symbol of the Filipino Christmas spirit than the parol. All through the Christmas season, star-shaped lanterns can be found hanging outside homes and along the streets of cities and small provincial towns, farms and fishing villages. For Filipinos, making a parol, decorating one and lighting a parol is an expression of shared faith and hope.

Vietnam: Traditional silk lanterns from Vietnam.

Vietnam silk lanterns

India: Diwali is a significant festival in the calendars of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Diwali is celebrated as the Festival of Lights and although the actual legends that go with the festival differ depending on the region, it essentially signifies good (light) triumphing over evil (darkness). People illuminate their homes and towns with diyas using oil lamps or tea light candles. In some areas they hang lanterns inside or outside of their homes. These lanterns are called Kandeels, AkashaDeepa, or GooduDeepa and they are hung from the start of Diwali for about a month.

Silk Lanterns from India

Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

Lights will fill the air in the form of fireworks and Pyrotechnics. A Pyrotechnics show will accompany the Christmas tree lighting each night. This runs nightly at 9:30pm each night of the show, and an additional lighting at 7:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Enjoy a full fireworks display at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks at Holiday Magic Festival of Lights near Austin, TX

2018 Event Location and Dates to be Determined