Festival of Lights: History of the Lanterns

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Holiday Magic: Festival of Lights in San Antonio, Texas

Throughout history the people of Asia have celebrated the New Year in a variety of traditions, celebrations, and festivals. One of the oldest traditions is the creation and illumination of paper lanterns. The traditional red lantern were made of silk or paper and was meant to be a sign for joy, vitality, happiness, and love. As time passed the red lantern quickly became a symbol of celebration throughout Asian culture. Holiday Magic Festival of Lights brings this tradition to Selma, Texas this Christmas.

Christmas Lanterns in San Antonio Texas

Traditional Asian lanterns on display as part of the the Festival of Lights, an “East Meets West” Christmas festival in San Antonio Texas.

Traditional lanterns can be made using a variety of colors, materials, and methods. The most popular is the colors red, green, and yellow while taking the shapes of lotus flowers, dragons, butterflies, fans, and boxes. Families can make lanterns using paper and balsa wood, a little glue, some string, and a small candle. Click here to learn how to make your own paper lanterns.

This December you can experience the modern-day tradition of the classic lanterns in the form of giant illuminated displays and scenes sure to delight and amaze. At the Festival of Lights you’ll see lantern dragons that are 30-feet tall…illuminated scenes highlighting important points in Asian and American history and culture. The displays at Holiday Magic Festival of Lights are authentically crafted in Asia using the same traditional techniques and practices used to make the real displays found throughout China and all of Asia. These are the real things! We painstakingly chose artisans and craftsman throughout Asia to make our displays and took special care to protect the rich heritage involved in the manufacturing process.

Christmas Festival in San Antonio Texas

Traditional dragon lantern featured at the Festival of Lights at Retama Park in San Antonio, Texas.

You can experience the modern display of this rich tradition at Holiday Magic: Festival of Lights in Selma, TX. December 1st – January 8th at Retama Park.